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KEEL Discusses Inaugural YMCA Celebrity Flag Football Game

Was great to hear two of our featured celebrities in this weekend’s Celebrity Flag Football Game telling a story about one of the other participants. You’ll find them speaking about it beginning at around 1:41:44.

Channel 3 Talks with Mayor Perkins After Inaugural YMCA Celebrity Flag Football Game

Channel 3 Looks at YMCA Water Safety Program, Swim For Life

Tim Fletcher Talks with Jonathan Ford and Jeffrey Goodman about YMCA’s Upcoming Celebrity Flag Football Game

See 2:41:00 mark. 1st Choice Personnel Coach’s Conversations for Thursday:6:30 Jim Gatlin-Northwood6:45 Spencer Heard-Minden7:00 Anthony McClain-Southwood7:15 Michael Concilio-Bossier7:30 John Bachman-Red River7:45 Stephen Dennis-Huntington8:00 Terrance Isaac, Jr.-Green Oaks Posted by The Tim Fletcher Show on Thursday, September 12, 2019

Channel 6 Discusses the YMCA’s 2nd Annual 9/11 Commemorative Stair Climb

Community members step up to honor first responders

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