The Ultimate Goal

Girls Level One

BHP Billiton YMCA

Creating stronger, faster, and more agile athletes, requires
attention to the body itself. Playing the sport has its benefits,
but if your body is not completely equipped to perform the
demands of your sport, you will not get a full return on your
efforts. ULTIMATE GOAL is designed to strength the core and
joint muscles, improve flexibility, and improve speed, agility,
and explosiveness. It also strengthens the body to help improve technique and prevent injuries that plague our youth sports. The ?more is better mentality? is hurting our young athletes, so ULTIMATE GOAL focuses on creating a stronger, flexible, and balanced body! This program is a twelve week, two days per week training with Physical Therapist testing the athlete from start to finish so you can see the improvements in your athlete. Questions Call Misty Alexander at 318 674 9635

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7 - 18
Registration Dates:
02/01/19 - 06/18/19
Program Dates:
06/17/19 - 08/21/19
Program Days:
Mon, Wed
Program Times:
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Member Cost:
$ 250.00

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