Active Older Adults

Older adults are some of our most loyal YMCA members. Here at the Y, seniors have a chance to keep active and grow in spirit, mind, and body. New friends and new opportunities add joy to life. The Y also gives older adults a chance to volunteer their time and talents with others, such as children and teens.

Physical activity is essential in maintaining a higher quality of life and independence among seniors. Regular exercise provides many practical benefits, including reducing the risk of diseases and conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, coronary artery disease, and high blood pressure. Stronger muscles, better balance and coordination, and higher energy levels all work together to maintain or improve basic living skills.

Programs include group exercise classes such as Tai Chi, Restorative Yoga, and Staying Fit to name a few. We also offer low impact water exercise, community education, and more!

Additionally, we have added two programs for those in our community with Parkinson’s Disease.  These programs are Rock Steady Boxing and Parkinson’s Aquatic Fitness.  Rock Steady Boxing is a non-contact boxing class designed for people with Parkinson’s Disease.  An initial assessment is a requirement; contact the front desk for evaluation times.  The class is low impact.  For more information about Rock Steady Boxing, please visit here.

The Parkinson’s Aquatic Fitness focuses on balance, core strength, lower hip mobility, and strength training, using aqua bells, noodles, and aqua belts.  It’s perfect for all stages of Parkinson’s Disease.

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