YMCA Launches Program To Create Healthier Youth Athletes

“The ultimate goal of youth participation in sports should be to promote lifelong physical activity, recreation, and skills of healthy competition that can be used in all facets of future endeavors.”

Joel S. Brenner, MD, MPH, Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness.



THE ULTIMATE GOAL (“the Goal”) is a collaboration between the YMCA of Northwest Louisiana and Shreveport Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine to create all-around healthier young athletes, not just in body, but in mind and spirit, and to carry that health with them throughout their lives.

During The Goal, athletes meet with our team of physical therapists and coaches twice a week for three months.  Exercises, training, and education progress at a controlled rate throughout the program.  Because training needs, education, and assessments vary depending on age, sex, and sport(s), athletes are grouped accordingly.  Each athlete will receive a functional movement and biomechanical assessment prior to starting the program.  Assessments are then performed each month.  Objective measurements and assessments will allow both parent and participant to monitor improvements throughout the program.  Upon completion of our Level 1 program, athletes are allowed to progress to the next level.

What makes THE ULTIMATE GOAL different?

While our goals are to create stronger, faster, and more agile athletes, our ULTIMATE GOAL is to create all-around healthier athletes.  We don’t believe that more training is needed—we believe that smarter, more functional training is needed.  We don’t believe that young athletes should do more of the same, repetitive movements, we believe that young athletes should do more movements to combat muscle imbalances and overuse injuries.

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